Apart from the premises being refurbished, the Neptunes Fitness Centre includes:
2 New Treadmills
2 New Bikes
2 New crosstrainers
2 New LCD Tv’s
1 New Sound System
Rubber flooring for the free weight section

Rates are as follows:

Single non member
€165/ year – €95/6 months

Married couple non members
€300/year – €160/6 months

Daily rate non member
€6.00 Euro per day

Single Neptune’s WPSC member
€145/year – €85/6 months

Married Neptune’s WPSC members
€265/year – €140/6 months

Daily rate
€4.00 Euro per day

For further information do not hesitate to contact us on 99896790 or nlanzon@onvol.net.